Welcome to Buz Coffee!

Who we are...

Here at Buz Coffee, we're just a handful of average Joe's.

We simply love coffee and everything coffee related!

We also like to keep things pretty straightforward.

So here's the deal, here at Buz Coffee, we're all about one thing:

Simple. Tasty. Coffee.

Now is that simple, or is that simple?

Buz Coffee Defined

What we do...

Buz Coffee provides three core offerings: Buz Beans, Buz Moment, and Buz Cart.

Buz Beans offers a hand-picked selection of freshly roasted, organic, and fair-trade coffee beans. In addition to providing an assortment of savory coffee beans, Buz Beans firmly believes in giving back and donates $1 from every pound of coffee sold to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Buz Moment is our coffee truck which provides instant gratification to those who reside in and around the Osseo, MN area. Whether you're looking to get your morning caffeine fix, an iced latte for an afternoon boost, or just a timeless cup of hot chocolate...we've got you covered! Best of all, a large cup of our freshly brewed coffee will only set you back $2.50!

Buz Cart is our most recent endeavor. Do you have an event on the horizon that would benefit if those in attendance had a caffeinated boost? Well, look no further than Buz Cart! Our team is ready to customize an experience that will leave your guests with their jaws on the floor! Oh yeah, did we mention that we have a latte printer that can create a masterpiece that rivals the best that Monet or Picasso have to offer?

Learn more about each of our three branches:

Buz Beans-Buz Moment

Why we do it...

As we touched on earlier, we simply love coffee and everything coffee related. With that in mind, we created Buz Beans & Buz Moment to share our passion for the joy of java with the world!

Coffee brings people together, sparks meaningful conversation, forges friendships, and is one of the few things today that unites just about everyone...behold the power of coffee. What more is there to say?

Buz Coffee Love